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Public Relations and Communication

Recent Projects

HCA Event Poster

HCA event poster for Green Belt Accomplishments Event. View Larger Image

Nashville Lifestyles Writing

April 2010 was my first feature article with the Nashville Lifestyles magazine. You can view more articles on my writing samples page. read more

Monthly Publications with TSEA

October 2007 was my first edition. You can view the last 12 issues on the TSEA website. Password is "tsea10" While you visit the site please view the pages. This site redesign was a joint venture with IDesign Inc and started my re-branding efforts at TSEA. read more

Production with TSEA

Various pamphlets and projects I created while at TSEA. view image

Lobby Record

This is a yearly publication by TSEA showing their legislative successes.

Promotional video WOE

This video was produced in-house for recruiting during the "I JOINED" campaign. This is a 10 minute piece and takes some time to load.

New Logo for Wings of Eagles school of flight

This logo was created during our E 3 Campaign for use in the 2007 marketing year.

Pinwheel mock-ups for 2007 Smyrna Air Show

This was one of the promotional item created for Wings of Eagles school of flight. Production facilities were found and a reasonable price negotiated.

Magazine covers page for BMC proposal

This was a visual list of magazines in which BMC was able to promote their clients. This was used in a 19 page proposal I edited and reformatted.
View the proposal here

Sample Web site redesign for Wings of Eagles 2007

This was a suggestion, based on research, to improve upon their current site and to add features to create awareness and a buzz in the local flying community

Promotional video WOE 2007

This was produced by my campaigns team for use at demonstrations and booths where Wings of Eagles was attempting to gain students. The piece is 3 minutes long and loads slowly.